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Enrique, Nabor and Carmen


Jose, Father, 2 daughters of previous marriage, Mercedes and Leonor in white.


Alfred Jordan, Olivia Pacheco, Alfred, Gregory and Jason


Children, Olivia and Rudolph, Tumacacori Church, Richard Pacheco Daughter and Niece.

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Frank Henry Jordan, aka, Rudolph Albert Jordan.

Rudolph Albert Jordan, Born February 21, 1942, Died, April 13, 2015. His formal birth certificate, something our family never knew, because, our Mother changed his name after birth. Something she took to her grave, without telling anybody. His Birth Certificate reads, Rudolph Albert Jordan.


Rudolph Albert Jordan (Al Jordan) passed from this life on April 13, 2015, in Carrollton, Texas. Al was born in Los Angeles, Ca, on February 21, 1942. He was preceded in death by his parents, Alfred Jordan, father, and Mary Olivia Pacheco Jordan, mother. Al is survived by his loving wife of 15 years, Annette Jordan, his stepchildren Bryce Blanton and his wife Anna Blanton, Brad Blanton, and his grandchildren Skye Blanton, Blake Blanton, Jake Blanton, and Sarah Blanton. He is also survived by his best friend of 40 plus years Fred Garcia.

Al spent his early years in Los Angles, until he moved to Dallas in the 1970s. He worked as a truck driver for Leeway Motor Freight for 17 years, until health reasons caused him to go into the clothing business, where he sold men’s apparel for the last 25 years of his life.

Al spent his leisure time involved in many bowling leagues, playing poker, and participating in various poker tournaments.

His family was a big part of Al’s life, and he greatly enjoyed spending time with them and attending his grandchildren’s many activities.

Al was a very social person, and enjoyed to laugh with family and friends. Al will be greatly missed by everyone who knew him and was a part of his life.



Good or Bad Times, he was still my Brother, RIP. Still remember him, in our early youth, as a good hard working person that never complained. His early life could have been much better, but because of his health problems, and again, he never complained, and without those problems, it stopped him, from being the greater person to all, that he should have been. Will never forget my "shadow". Great story there. He will always be Frankie to me, my Beloved Brother.

His Brother Alfred


We're never really ready when a loved one leaves this world.
There's always so much left we want to say.....
We long to turn back time
and tell them all that's in our hearts...
and think....if we only had one more day.....
We catch ourselves recalling little moments that we shared
and smile at every sweet "remember when"
We tell our favorite stories...
and we laugh, cry and sigh...and somehow we feel close
to them...once again.
We're never really ready when it's time to say good-bye,
but slowly we accept what has to be, letting go of what
we must but keeping those we love forever close to us
in heart and Memory.
"Frankie, my beloved brother......
God made you in his delightful sight, and formed 
you into a beautiful angel of heaven"  You will be forever with
me; and your beautiful spirit will always hold a place my heart.
I will always love you, and I will forever miss you. God, Please take
care of my brother for me and always shine your beautiful light in the 
heavens  on him....wherever he may be".
Your Little Sister....Gail"


You held my hand to guide me, when I was little
You took care of me when I was alone, you lived with me
You taught me to be a better bowler, you were my partner
Now, you are gone
Yes, someday I will see you again, walk with you, laugh with you,
and we will bowl together again.

Your Sister "Erma"


If any of the children on the above named person needs further information, they can contact the Webmaster.

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