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Enrique, Nabor and Carmen


Jose, Father, 2 daughters of previous marriage, Mercedes and Leonor in white.


Alfred Jordan, Olivia Pacheco, Alfred, Gregory and Jason


Children, Olivia and Rudolph, Tumacacori Church, Richard Pacheco Daughter and Niece.

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Sonora Place Names

Aconchi - (Opata mission on the Sonora River)

Agtun - (ranchería on the Gila River)

Agua Caliente - (real de minas established ca.1735 east of Saric, Sonora)

Aguaje - (real de minas establshed ca.1718 south of present-day Hermosillo, Sonora)

Altar - (presidio on the Altar River, established after the Pima uprising of 1751)

Aquimuri - (O=odham ranchería near Saric, Sonora)

Arisona - Arissona, Arizona (ranch established ca.1735 east of Saric, Sonora; the famous Aplanchas de plata@ silver discovery of 1736 took place between here and present-day Nogales, Sonora)

Arivaca - Aribaca, Arivag (ranchería and mission visita west of present-day Amado, Arizona; site of the only battle fought between Spaniards and O=odham in the uprising of 1751)

Arizpe - Arispe (Opata mission on the Sonora River)

Ati - (ranchería on the Santa Cruz River near Tumacácori)

Átil - (mission in the Altar Valley)

Aup=tutug - (ranchería on the Gila River)

Babasac - Babasaqui (ranchería in close proximity to Ímuris)

Babisi - Bavisi (O=odham ranchería in the vicinity of Suamca and Obtuavo)

Babocomari - Babocomaric, Bahvacomarig, Vabohcomarig, Bafocomaric, Baffocomarig,

(ranchería on the San Pedro River near present-day Fairbank, Arizona)

Baboquiburi - Baboquivuri, Babuquibari, Bavoquivuri (ranchería and mountain near present-

day Sells, Arizona)

Bac - Baag, Baac, Vag, Vaag, San Xavier (O=odham ranchería and mission near present-day Tucson, Arizona)

Bacarica (ranchería somewhere between Guevavi and San Xavier del Bac)

Bacoachi - (mission and presidio on the Sonora River north of Arizpe)

Bacuacucan - (ranchería in the vicinity of San Ignacio de Sonoitac)

Baihcat - Baihca, Baihcata (O=odham ranchería near Suamca called San Pablo)

Banámichi - (mission on the Sonora River south of Arizpe)

Basaraca - (ranchería near Suamca)

Basochuca - (real de minas north of Arizpe, Sonora)

Batuco - (ranchería in the in the vicinity of Cucurpe)

Baviacora - (mission on the Sonora River, south of Arizpe)

Bavizi - (ranchería somewhere between Suamca and Quiburi)

Bisani - (ranchería in the vicinity of Suamca; not the mission south of Caborca or Busani near


Buena Vista - (historic Spanish ranching community just east of Nogales, Sonora)

Busani - Busanic, Buzani, (O=odham ranchería near Saric, Sonora)

Caborca - (southernmost mission still standing in the Altar Valley)

Calabazas - Calabasas (mission at present-day Rio Rico, Arizona)

Casa Grande - Casas Grandes (prehistoric ruins on the Gila River)

Cocóspera - (Kino mission, south of Suamca and Guevavi, north of Remedios and Dolores)

Comacavitcam - (O=odham ranchería in the vicinity of Guevavi)

Comashca - (probably near San Ignacio)

Corodéguachi - Fronteras (Sonora presidio 30 miles south of present-day Douglas, Arizona)

Cucurpe - (mission on the San Miguel River east of Magdalena, Sonora)

Cuiquburitat - see Quiquiburiturss

Cuituavo - (ranchería in the vicinity of San Xavier del Bac)

Cuquiárachi - (northernmost mission to the Opatas; eight miles west of Fronteras, Sonora)

Divisadero - (geologic feature and ranch south of Guevavi and Suamca, north of Cocóspera)

Dolores - (Nuestra Señora de Dolores de Cósari -- Father Kino=s cabecera, east of Magdalena,

north of Cucurpe on the San Miguel River)

Esquobaag - Esquobag, Esquovag, Esquovaag (O=odham ranchería near Suamca)

Fronteras - Santa Rosa de Corodéguachi (Sonora presidio 30 miles south of present-day

Douglas, Arizona, called Fronteras because La Caballería de las Fronteras, or Athe

Cavalry of the Frontier @ was stationed there)

Gahcat - (ranchería probably near Tucson)

Gila - Xila (Gila River)

Guepavérachi - (Opata ranchería and real de minas on the Sonora River, north of Arizpe)

Guevavi - Guebaui, Guebavi, Guebabi, (Kino mission established 1691 near present-day Nogales, Arizona)

Gutzutag - Gusutag, Gusitag, Guzutac, Gusutaqui, Gussutaqui, Gutzutaqui (adjoining ranchería to Guevavi)

Haivani - Haivani Pit, Haivainipit, Gaivanipitea (Sobaípuri ranchería on the San Pedro River near present-day Fairbank, Arizona)

Haivani Mugvit - (on the Gila River)

Hasohuvaibca - San Pedro (O=odham ranchería near Suamca)

Havanimo - (ranchería somewhere in the vicinity of Suamca)

Horcasitas - (capital of Sonora ca.1750; on San Miguel River northeast of Hermosillo)

Huturi tuscam - (O=odham ranchería on the Gila River)

Ímuris - Himuris, Himuri (Kino mission just north of Magdalena, Sonora)

Jamaica - (hacienda south of Nacosari)

Janos - (presidio of northern Chihuahua, also city in central Sonora)

La Purísima Concepción de Nuestra Señora - (see Caborca)

Los Santos Reyes - (see Cucurpe)

Los Siete Príncipes - (see Átil)

Magdalena - (Kino mission and site of his burial; in Sonora 50 miles south of Nogales, Arizona)

Mamturss - (O=odham ranchería somewhere near Guevavi)

Mátape - (mission on the Mátape River east of present-day Hermosillo, Sonora)

Nacosari - (real de minas on the Moctezuma River south of Fronteras, Sonora)

Nuestra Señora de Aranzazu (see Tetuachi)

Nuestra Señora de la Asunción - (see Arizpe)

Nuestra Señora del Pilar y Santiago (see Cocóspera)

Obtuavo - Obtuabo, Optuavo, San Jago (O=odham ranchería near San Ignacio de Sonoitac)

Opodepe - (ranchería, mission, and Spanish community on the Sonora River between Cucurper and Horcasitas, Sonora)

Oquitoa - Uquitoa (mission in the Altar Valley)

Oquitoa - (realito, or small mining community, in the Altar Valley)

Palmillas - (ranchería near Ímuris)

Parral - (real de minas and important Spanish community in Chihuahua)

Pipiac - (O=odham ranchería probably north of Tucson)

Pitic - (hacienda of Sonora=s second Governor; present-day Hermosillo)

Piticai - Pitic (on the Santa Cruz River; on the road to Sópori north of Guevavi)

Pitiquito - Pitiqui, Pitic, Pitiquín (mission in the Altar Valley)

Quiburi - Quivuri, Quabuli (means Ahouses;@ Sobaípuri ranchería on the San Pedro River near


Quiquiburiturss - (O=odham ranchería, probably northwest of Tucson)

Quixotoaquibuhto - (ranchería probably near Ímuris)

Raum - (O=odham ranchería on the Santa Cruz river near Guevavi and Tumacácori)

Saacum - (ranchería somewhere in the vicinity of Suamca)

San Agustín - (see Tucson)

San Ambrosio - (see Busani and Tucubavia)

San Andres - (see Seug Bag)

San Antonio Paduano - (see Oquitoa)

San Bernardo - (see Aquimuri)

San Bismas - (see Seug Tuburss)

San Cayetano - (see Tumacácori)

San Cayetano - (see Calabazas)

San Diego - (see Pitiquito)

San Felipe y Santiago - (see Janos)

San Francisco - (see Átil)

San Gabriel - (see Guevavi -- also San José, San Miguel, and Los Santos Angeles)

San Ignacio - (de Cabórica -- Kino mission just north of Magdalena, Sonora)

San Ignacio - (see Sonoitac -- present-day Patagonia)

San Ignacio - (see Tubac)

San Jago - (see Obtuavo)

San José - (see Ímuris)

San José - (see Parral)

San José - (see Tumacácori -- originally San Cayetano)

San Juan - (see Quiburi)

San Luis - (de Bacoancos -- ranchería and historic Spanish ranching community south of Guevavi on the Santa Cruz River)

San Mateo - (see Terrenate)

San Miguel - (see Bacoachi)

San Miguel - (see Horcasitas)

San Miguel - (see Sonoitac -- present-day Sonoita)

San Pablo - (see Quiburi)

San Pablo - (see Baihcat)

San Pedro - (see Hasohuvaibca)

San Pedro y San Pablo - (see Tubutama)

San Tadeo - (see Babocomaric)

San Xavier - (see Bac)

Santa Ana - (historic Spanish ranching community south of Magdalena, Sonora)

Santa Barbara - (historic ranch south of Guevavi owned first by Diego and Nicolás Romero)

Santa Cruz - (see Babisi)

Santa Cruz - (see Haivani)

Santa Fe - (capital of New Mexico)

Santa Gertrudis - (Altar)

Santa María - (see Basaraca)

Santa María - (see Magdalena)

Santa María - (see Suamca)

Santa Martha - (historic Spanish settlement near Santa Ana

Santa Rosa - (Fronteras; Corodéguachi)

Santa Teresa - (mission in the Altar Valley)

Santo Tomás Apóstol - (see Supquituni)

Saracachi - (real de minas between Cucurpe and Arizpe)

Saric - Sarique (northernmost mission of the Altar Valley and site of the beginning of the Pima uprising of 1751)

Sasabac - Sasabe (ranchería in close proximity to San Ignacio de Cabórica)

Sasparca - (ranchería probably near Ímuris)

Seug Bag - Seug Baag, Seug Vaag, Seu Vaag (O=odham ranchería near San Ignacio de Sonoitac)

Seug Tuburss - (a neighboring ranchéria of Seug Bag)

Sibuc - (probably Cíbuta)

Sobaípuri (Teritorio de -- on the San Pedro river; Sobaípuri was the name given to the O=odham

living in that river valley by the Spaniards)

Soledad - (ALa Soledad@ was somewhere in the jurisdiction of San Ignacio)

Sonoitac - Sonoita, Sonoitag, Xonoita, Xonoitag, Xona, Los reyes (near present-day Patagonia, Arizona)

Sonoitac - (present-day Sonoita, Sonora, Mexico)

Sopic - Sopoc (ranchería in the vicinity of San Ignacio de Sonoitac)

Sópori - Soporic, Xoporic, Xoporica (O=odham ranchería; later Anza family ranch)

Spibah - (ranchería somewhere in the vicinity of Guevavi)

Stonssutag - (ranchería between Suamca and Sonoitac)

Suamca - Soamca, Soanca (Kino mission near the headwaters of the Santa Cruz River; present- day Santa Cruz, Sonora)

Supquituni - (ranchería near Suamca)

Sutagshon - Sutagsson, Sahutagson, Ssutagson (on the Gila River)

Taupari - (ranchería in the vicinity of San Ignacio de Sonoitac)

Terrenate - (presidio on the headwaters of the San Pedro River north of Cananea, Sonora)

Tetuachi - (real de minas established ca.1720 south of Arizpe, Sonora)

Tiburón - (island in the Gulf of California; Seri stronghold during the Seri wars)

Tutup - Tuup (ranchería in the vicinity of Guevavi)

Toacuquita - Toac, Doac, Doag, Doaguquita, Toaguquita, Toaqui, Toaqui Xona, Calabazas (O=odham ranchería and later mission at present-day Rio Rico, Arizona)

Toamuqui - (ranchería somewhere in the vicinity of Guevavi and Suamca)

Tonacbi - (ranchería near Arivaca)

Tres Alamos - (Sobaípuri ranchería on the San Pedro River)

Tuape - (ranchería south of Cucurpe)

Tuash-ug - (ranchería on the Gila River)

Tubac - Tubaca, Tubag, Tuvag (O=odham ranchería and later presidio near Tumacácori)

Tubutama - (mission in the Altar Valley)

Tucson - Tuson, Tuzon, Tuquison, Tuizon, Tuxshon (O=odham ranchería, Spanish presidio,

modern city)

Tucubavia - Tucubabi, Tucubavi (O=odham ranchería northwest of Saric, Sonora)

Tuhto - Tuto (ranchería in the vicinity of Guevavi)

Tumacácori - Tumacacor, Chumacacor, Chumacacori, San Cayetano (first Kino mission established in present-day Arizona)

Tumuossha - Tumuohas (ranchería adjoining that of Tuvasig on the Gila River)

Tumigai - (ranchería in the vicintiy of Suamca)

Tunsibar - (ranchería near San Ignacio)

Tupssi - (ranchería in the vicinity of Guevavi)

Tushomino - Tussomino (ranchería on the Gila River)

Tutumac - (ranchería in the vicinity of Arivaca)

Tuvasig - (ranchería adjoining that of Tumuossha on the Gila River)

Tuurisai - Tuburisai, Tuurisa (O=odham ranchería in the vicinity of Suamca)

Uaham - (ranchería in the vicinity of Suamca)

Ubisava - (ranchería near Cucurpe)

Unbas - (ranchería somewhere near Tumacácori)

Ures - (southernmost mission on the Sonora River, northeast of Hermosillo, Sonora)

Ursvaag - Ursbag (ranchería between Santa María Suamca and Obtuavo)

Vaicat - (ranchería between Guevavi and Calabazas)

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