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Enrique, Nabor and Carmen


Jose, Father, 2 daughters of previous marriage, Mercedes and Leonor in white.


Alfred Jordan, Olivia Pacheco, Alfred, Gregory and Jason


Children, Olivia and Rudolph, Tumacacori Church, Richard Pacheco Daughter and Niece.

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On the Pacheco side of the family, there are numerous Basque Family members/ancestors. There are presently three identified;

The Perea's

The Ibarra's

The Duran's

The Osorio's

The Duran's and the Osorio's still need much further investigation and confirmation. But, the Perea's, I think you will find very interesting, as they are also directly linked to the Romero family, thereby the Pacheco family.

Starting backwards, Ignacio Pacheco was the son of Jose Ruiz Pacheco and Carmen Maria Romero. Carman Maria Romero was the daughter of Nicholas Romero. Nicholas Romero married Maria Perea, to produce their daughter. Carmen Maria Romero Perea, born in 1749 in Guevavi.  Maria Perea was born in 1713 in Nacosari, Maria Perea was the daughter of Juan Ignacio Perea and Maria Ladron de Gebara.

Juan Ignacio Perea was the son of Pedro Perea, and Maria Ibarra.  Pedro Perea was the military governor of the Nacosari area, that he named, before Sonora, New Andalusia. Great Story there.

Pedro Perea born in 1637, was the son of Niculas Perea Sosa, born in 1588 and was the son of Niculas Perea and Josepha Sosa.  Niculas Perea was born in Durango, Bizkaia, Spain.

Francisco Ibarra was born in 1520,  the son of Francisco Ibarra, born in 1500, both were born in Eibar, Guipuzcoa, Spain (Basque Country)

He was the person that lead the expeditions of the military for the conquests of what is now Durango, Chihuahua and Sinaloa. He named the region Nueva Vizcaya. He was sponsored by Diego Ibarra, his uncle, with the direct approval of the Viceroy of Nueva Espana, Luis De Velasco, that was his father in law.

Francisco Ibarra arrived in Nueva Espana in 1554, at the age of 34, and died in Sinaloa in 1575 of an illness. He also brought his son in law, Niculas Perea with him. .

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