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Enrique, Nabor and Carmen


Jose, Father, 2 daughters of previous marriage, Mercedes and Leonor in white.


Alfred Jordan, Olivia Pacheco, Alfred, Gregory and Jason


Children, Olivia and Rudolph, Tumacacori Church, Richard Pacheco Daughter and Niece.

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About Us;

All I can say is;

It is very important to me, to understand my complete "bloodlines".

Thanks to my cousin Eric Pacheco, it has been easier, especially for the Pacheco Family, as well as for the investigative papers that my uncle Rudolph Pacheco created. I have acquired other documents that are included.

I, finally understand who I am. I am a final product of the many families established in these web sites. God bless their souls.

Yes, I am attracted to all my "bloodlines", but the Pacheco family has given me by far, the most information. The Federico family has given me enough information to understand my sainted grandmother, Leonor Federico. The Monteverde and Romero families have been truly inspirational.

All I can say is, my travels throughout the world has been for a reason. When I continued to travel to Florence Italy, a total of three times, why? It was a driving force even before I knew of the "Monteverde" connection. Or even the "Bugiano" connection, as I have also traveled through Umbria. I have also traveled extensively through Spain, not knowing my family history. But, I had a driving force to visit Toledo, Trujillo, Valencia, Caceres, La Mancha, San Sebastian, Granada and Cordoba.

In 1972, I had a "need" to travel by auto throughout Mexico, starting in El Paso, down through Chihuahua, to Mexico City; Vera Cruz, Puebla, Acapulco and passing through other numerous cities, without knowing my family history, and that was a shame, because if only I would have known! Even when I left Mexico, by driving from Mexico City to and through Guadalajara, Alamos, Hermosillo, Magdalena, Nogales, up to Tubac, where I gassed up, without knowing what was there. My lost.

Here is something I have never told anybody. After passing through the border check, where I had to totally empty my car, I arrived in the Tubac area about 2:00 am. I could not find a gas station to save my life. I then spotted a gas station, but it was closed. Suddenly a person appeared, and told me that I could "gas" up. After gassing up, I offered to pay. But, the man said no, it was a gift!

It has taken many years of research, sometimes very difficult, other times easy. But, I have a burning desire to know all of my families "bloodlines". So, what you will view is sometimes organized information, or just listed to see if someone else can help to find something that I have missed. Or maybe it will help them with their own research.

It is not finished yet, or even close, as far as understanding my complete family bloodlines, but it is an excellent start.

As for the flag, it represents our family bloodlines, that include America, New Spain, Spain, Mexico, Euskadi (Basque Country), Florence Italy and the Bird represents our Native Blood that is Pima, from the Romero Family and the Jordan family, that had Yaqui Native blood.


Tucson Arizona, 1860

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